Deborah Ward

Therapy by Phone or Skype

  • Need to talk?
  • No time to travel?
  • No suitable therapists in your area?
  • Prefer a therapist outside of your locale? or
  • Do you feel safer over the phone?

I have provided counselling by telephone for over 15 years. It is working very well and producing some excellent results. It suits some people, but not others. In certain situations, telephone therapy offers an additional sense of safety which can be important for a variety of issues.

Telephone counselling sessions are held just like Individual Face-to-Face Sessions on a regular appointment basis. The difference is that they are conducted over the telephone or over Skype (Video or not is your choice).

You are free to confidentially discuss the problems or worries you have with me. I am trained to work with you objectively and discreetly.

The Meeting Space

Appointments are held during weekdays.

It is important to choose a time that you will be able to make each week and when you can be assured of privacy and not be disrupted.

If at all possible, I ask that we meet once at the outset. This helps us make a better connection. If you cannot do this, we can meet over Skype for the preliminary session or please send me a fairly recently photograph.

A headset is also helpful.

Occasionally people are surprised by therapy over the telephone considering it a bit removed and modern. However, in the traditional Analystical format, the client rests on a couch where they cannot see the therapist. This buffer is meant to allow for freer imagination and self-reflection. Telephone is not really very different in this respect. Whether you prefer the more private setting of Telephone Meetings is entirely personal.

Terms of Use.



"Don't ask the way of those who know it, you might not get lost." ~ unknown

A Few Things

  • This is not a Crisis Call Centre. If you feel you are in desperate crisis, please try to find an appropriate Help Line, use the NHS 111 Emergency and Urgent Care line or contact your GP straightaway.
  • You must be 18 or older to use this telephone counselling service.
  • You must be present in the UK at the time of using this service.