Terms and Conditions - Deborah Ward's Telephone and Face-to-face Psychotherapy
© Deborah Ward 2016

1. You affirm that you:

2. Confidentiality 3. Supervision

I may discuss aspects of the work we do together with my supervisor. This is usual within the profession and is to ensure the high standard of my work. I would not reveal your identity to them.

4. Code of ethics

I abide by the code of ethics of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

5. Delivery

Delivery constitutes Deborah Ward's availability for the scheduled hour and will conclude at the scheduled end-time regardless of client's delay or lateness in starting. Therefore, please be prompt. 'Delivery' will be deemed 'Received' regardless of whether the client 'attends' the scheduled session or not. The exception to this is if a minimum of 48 hours notice is received and a mutually-convenient alternative session is agreed.

I operate an ethical practice and take my client's welfare extremely seriously.

6. Please see Fees page for current Terms and Conditions regarding payments. 7. Geographical Setting

This counselling and therapy service is provided in the United Kingdom and is available to UK residents located within the United Kingdom at the time of the service being provided. Any prospective or current client must declare, at the outset, their geographic location and residency if other than in the United Kingdom. All and any therapeutic and counselling service by Deborah Ward is specifically denied to people who live in a country or state other than the UK that requires licensure in that location. It is the responsibility of the client to declare, at the outset, any legal requirements their area of citizenship or residency demands.

8. Dispute

Deborah Ward and you, the client, agree that any dispute arising out of this service shall first be resolved by mediation, if possible. This contract was entered into in Oxfordshire County, United Kingdom, and any necessary arbitration or litigation will take place in this county. All terminology is intended for a UK audience; those not familiar with UK psychotherapy and counselling terms should not assume nor construe meaning applicable to a non-UK service, professional qualifications, standards or any other aspect of The Being Well's operations.

9. Disclaimer - Please read the Disclaimer